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Vendors' Guild of Requiem

What is the Vendors' Guild of Requiem?

The Vendors' Guild of Requiem is an intentional network of vendors without regard to where they are on their self-sufficiency income journey. It offers Marketing and Business Management Experience, online webstore that is affordable (we don't get paid for web sales unless you get paid), and a free 12' x 12' vending space for free. Each additional space is at cost of $25.

Who can join the Vendors' Guild of Requiem?

Anyone who creates and sells their own products. Direct Sales Affiliates are not eligible per their contract as the company offers them website sales and training as a part of the agreement.

Do I have to have my own Texas State Sales Tax License?

That is discussed with individual members after a probationary period of no less than 180 days as a regular guild member. It is like a "try before you buy" experience.

To sell purely online, no. Our Sales Tax License covers that as we collect the Sales Taxes with each purchase. This option to belong to just the Vendors' Guild will cover this option. We do need an I-9 completed as we are legally bound to report all income to the IRS. 

What if I only have services to offer?

We will put you in contact with the Merchant's Guild of Requiem to see about offering booking services and free lance work that is requested of that guild. 

What if I have more questions?

Email: and someone will contact you back within 3-5 business days.  Please allow more time if we are in the crunch period two weeks before an event. 

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Ready to start your journey? 

Click here to be taken to our Google Form.

If you do not hear from someone within  5-10 business days after submitting your application, please email

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