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Organizational Culture and Values

What is our Organizational culture?

  • We are into self-sustained living. This means to provide for our needs without the help from outside sources, while creating a network of like-minded individuals to meet the greater community need.

  • We seek to empower each other through communication and individual education to achieve community sustainability.

  • We offer compassion and understanding to each individual's needs without prejudices to the circumstances that brought them to our organization.

  • We work towards the daily living goal of "It's takes a village to care for a community."


What do we value?

  • We value the abilities that everyone has to adapt to their individuality and to their surroundings.

  • We value that you must be willing to give of yourself to receive the benefits of others.

  • We value using natural methods, natural products, and reliance upon the skills, wisdom, and intuition of the individual instead of machines, computers and industry.


What types of products do we make/sell?

  • Our products are made from naturally found sources when available

  • We believe in the 3 R Principle of Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse.

  • Our products are often made from re-purposed items and recycled materials.

  • When we have to source our products or supplies from an outside company we verify their "Green Policy" and sustainable practices they use and are they inline with our vision and product promises.

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