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Mrs Robin and the members of Requiem's Kitchen Executive and Master's Chefs group have researched some of the finest and tastiest recipes and combined them with modern safe canning techniques to present to eye and palette appealing feasts in a jar.  Jams, Jellies, and meals-in-a-jar are coupled with many of the rare heirloom seed finds from our friends at Baker Seeds for some show stopping combinations that can only happen in Texas!


We also have Requiem's Barkery that offers nutritious, delicious, organic dog treats and training bites. How do we know they are tail wagging delicious? Outside of taste testing them ourselves, we have a small army of toddlers that devoured several batch of the Bella Biscuits while cutting new teeth, and a multitude of tail wag with undivided attention as soon as they see Mrs. Robin's Training Treat Pouch comes out.


As we are currently selling under Cottage Food Laws, items advertised here are only available for pickup during Market Days, at Affiliate Locations that are stated in the description of the products, or by special arrangements.  We do make special requests and will be offering a full bakery line, once we have dedicated facilities, AND we have the local hook-up to those who can where we can't.  If you are a small business bakery looking to extend your advertising reach with the power of networking, please email Mrs. Robin on how your products and contact information can be added to our website that is currently getting 100 hits per day from the Texas Area alone.