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About Us

"It takes a village to care for a community"

      Our journey began as one of our founders began to find her health declining to the point where the option of working for someone else was soon no longer going to be a viable option for income. Corporate America has very few options for those with limiting health or physical conditions and often lack the overall ability, and empathy, to truly accommodate those deemed "disabled".  We began to realize that there are others out there that are looking for the means to support themselves, but often found employers lacking empathy and/or the ability to accommodate their needs. 







        The search for "Requiem", old world for "final peace" and based off of a folktale she had heard while growing up, began in earnest late 2016 as Project Requiem Ranch.  When it couldn't be found within the structures of Corporate America, we decide to create our own organization that would have the structure to accommodate her needs and similar needs of others like her and be a blending of old world philosophies into modern day business models.


          Our organization is looking to the old world guild system for guidance. A "Village to care for a community" has become our motto where we seek to pair people based on companion strengths to balance out any weakness. Our business has several "specialties" of crafters, technicians, and educators that believe in keeping life as natural as possible and protecting the natural balance of Earth. Locally, we are seeking additional local crafters, technicians, and educators to join our guild system. Globally, we are now on two continents, with the possibility of a third by the end of the year, as others join our network who have similar enough visions to our own that desire to start their own "Project Requiem"







                     Our future aspirations are as organic as the day we started. As we discover new friends, rediscover old ways of doing things, and create interesting connections online, we suspect our visions of the future will continue to change. 

Wicket the Wonder Pup

Wicket the Wonder Pup

Hard at work with Mom

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