Product Certifications and Promises

Product Certifications:

This process takes longer than most people realize and they are costly to achieve. While others are a matter of taking a pledge and making a promise to our customers. Clicking on the logos below will take you to where we are in the process of the certifications. This is a list of certifications we have achieved, or are working towards, and/or pledges that we have signed.

Safe Seed Pledge Badge
Natural Products Association Certified Badge
Natural Products Association Certified Badge

What is our Product Promise?

  • We promise to use natural ingredients or products when possible

  • We promise to use ingredients have been ethically produced

  • We promise to verify that our plants and seeds are heirloom quality either grown by one of our gardeners using heirloom seeds, or by a certified heirloom organization

  • We promise to utilize sustainable and organic gardening practices

  • We promise to adhere to the 3-R principle of Recycle, Reuse, and Re-purpose and to employ our own sustainable practices within our company

  • We promise to use suppliers that have similar product promises

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