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Welcome to Guilds of Requiem!

We are so glad you found us.

Guilds of Requiem, Inc. is a 501(c) Nonprofit Foundation, founded in 2016 as a sole proprietorship and obtain nonprofit status in 2020. We have a three-fold Mission Statement:

  • To create intentional networks

  • To provide unique educational experiences

  • To serve the communities we live in

When you belong to the guilds, you help form what your membership looks like based on your interests and level of involvement. Each person then has an experience that is unique to them, knowledge they have to share, and the knowledge they gain by joining.

How is this accomplished?  We have seven unique departments, which we call guilds that appeal to different people for different along with Guilded Projects that focus even further on specific aspects of that guild. The seven guilds are:

During our onboarding process, you will learn a bit about each guild and what it has to offer along with areas in need of volunteers. Onboarding can be done self-paced or by scheduling an onboarding session with one of the board members or Guilds Master (department head). Please have patience as many of our websites are under re-construction.


Start your adventure by joining the Guilds today!

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