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Woohoo! We are super stoked over the partnership with The Shindig of Bandera, Texas.


What does this actually mean for them?

They still run and operate their own business. It is still their business. Nothing is changed on their end other than they now have Marketing, Social Media Support, and a web presence at a greatly reduced cost. They just joined into the Guilds of Requiem network. They have access to the Merchants' Guild who can help keep tabs on their social media presence, create graphics for them, promote events, and do all of those "tech type tasks" that so many businesses dread, but can't thrive without into today's society! 

What does this mean for Guilds of Requiem?

We have access to an established location for our events, the added benefit and draw of their ability to serve food and beverages, and the added network of their social media followers. It also means several tasks we were attempting to do on our own, and failing at, we can now succeed!

What is Guilds of Requiem?

We are officially forming a non profit this year with our stated purpose of:

"We are a cooperative of business owners, skilled artisans, crafters, technicians, and scholars that have joined together with the purpose of preserving knowledge and skills, with an emphasis on old world traditions. We support each other, ourselves, and our communities by sharing knowledge, conducting collaborative research, and investing in small, locally-focused businesses around the world."

So how are you funded?

We have several brands that are incorporated into our operating matrix that assist in funding our operations. Businesses that join us, also assist in supporting different aspects of operations. We are broken down into seven guilds, or departments, that each business volunteers in and sponsors those activities. Businesses are free to assist in supporting just the guild that meets their needs and to support additional guilds, or community projects, that are a part of their passions!  

But don't you need to make a living too?

The founder and President of Guilds of Requiem has her own business as a part of the Guilds of Requiem network and "plays by the same rules" as the other businesses that join the network. 

If you have any other questions about Guilds of Requiem, or how to join our growing International Network, or to find out more on the local network, please you the "Contact Us" feature below and someone from the Resources Guild will contact you back within 3 business days.

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