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Who is Sixth Sense Apothecary

Sixth Sense Apothecary is an old-world style manufacturer of soaps and personal care products that was founded in 1992. Robin Kearney-Frazier is the founder of Sixth Sense Apothecary, along with Haven of the Dragon, as a means of co-existing and supporting a dream of providing knowledge of hand-crafted products to the public. Sixth Sense Apothecary was born out of the personal drive to have products that were as close to nature as possible, control of the ingredients used due to allergic reactions to many big brands, and have a source of income for supporting the Haven of the Dragon, as well as the founder as she journeyed through life. She grew up being taught the knowledge of making soaps, homeopathic remedies, candles, and other personal care products. The leap into creating her own as an adult was only natural. She since sold her first bar of soap to her upstairs neighbors, she has expanded to include a variety of personal care products, a line of pet care products and recently introduced home care products sold exclusively at the Marketplace of Pipe Creek.


What is Sixth Sense Apothecary about?


Sixth Sense Apothecary creates solid and liquid soaps using hot and cold process methods, hand and lip balms, body scrubs, bath oils & teas, pet care products, and home care products. The Traditional Soaps collection and some of the balms/salves are made with traditional recipes that were taught to our founder from older generations. Our remaining products are based in herbology, naturopathy, and science with as much time taken as needed during the formulation process to ensure they are a quality product before it is available to the public. When purchasing our products, you are buying the culmination of several lifetimes of experience and a personal dedication to quality and consistency. Ingredients are carefully researched to ensure they meet personal expectations of the most critical client of all – our founder! This quest to find the best ingredients was undertaken and lead to some harsh truths behind big companies’ ingredient sourcing policies and how they do business. This created a driving force behind all of Guilds of Requiem to purchase our ingredients from as close to the producers as possible, which meant creating an International Network that extends into four countries in Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, and Tanzania. Two of those countries now have purchasing agents for us that understand the Guilds of Requiem concept in providing superior ingredients directly from those who produce the items: Requiem Ghana Direct and Requiem Kenya, which also services Uganda. We are also looking at expanding into India and networked with a company that sources directly from Brazil with our same philosophies.

Why is it called Sixth Sense Apothecary?

Ms. Robin grew up with homegrown and hand-crafted items as a part of her daily life, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to continue that tradition as an adult. When she was younger, she was blessed with being able to travel frequently. One of her fondest memories was exploring a working functional apothecary that had been established in the early 1800’s. On that particular day, the staff was all dressed in Victorian Era Clothing and they were overjoyed to show this young eager child the entire store! It was complete with the original apothecary style dispenser glass containers, decked out with the over flourished labels on intricately carved wooden display shelves. She was smitten with the idea forming in her head to someday have an apothecary of her own!

Late one night, or possibly very early one cold winter morning in late 1992, Robin’s neighbors from India had invited her up to partake in a family feast. Ama Hajit had ran out of soap, so a quick trip downstairs and back up made an old woman from India very happy to have handcrafted soap in her hands once more. That night, the marketing madness and dreaming began. Sixth Sense Apothecary was born into a mini-ready made market of immigrants that were struggling to find soaps similar to what they had left behind and were comfortable in using. Because of the use of herbs, naturally found ingredients, and the “mad scientist” look in Robin’s eyes while talking about the science behind soap making, the name Sixth Sense Apothecary was tossed out by Ama. It wasn’t until 1997 that Sixth Sense Apothecary expanded beyond hot processed soaps when Robin was a newly single mom looking to find ways to save on costs. By making her own soap, shampoo, and other cleaners she was able to do that. Since then, she hasn’t stopped learning more about the creation of her products, even after 20+ years, this old gal is learning new tricks and methods.