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Requiem Kenya Market

Welcome to the Kenyan Market in the United States! This is your direct link to handcrafted goods from a country that still vastly employs hand craftsmanship. All sales go directly back to the craftspeople in Kenya as your purchase is directly from the Market in Nairobi, Kenya to you! Our website is the only "middle man" in the transaction.

** Please allow extra time for shipping as many your products are shipping directly from Kenya**

Who Runs Requiem Kenya?

Guilds of Requiem Requiem Kenya Founder Xavier Mpanga

     Requiem Kenya is run by Xavier Mpanga since 2016. Guilds of Requiem gave us the opportunity to share the talent of the crafters in Kenya with the world while supporting a worthy cause. We are able to pay the crafters a higher price than what they normally are afforded when entering into International Trade, because we work hard to reduce the number of people/financial transactions between the crafters and selling at the Marketplace or online.


Our goal is to empower those in poverty with the means of self-sufficiency and afford them educational opportunities, while at the same time providing quality and unique products to our customer base.

What's in store now?

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