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The Sustainable Concept

Sustainability. It's the new buzz word. I remember when it was just "organic". Organic was healthy, all natural and no chemicals. Organic was also expensive and seemingly unnecessary, unrealistic. Organic foods and lifestyles was something those out-of-touch hippies and tree huggers "thought" they should eat and do. Reality dictated that there was nothing wrong with "regular" food that you could afford. Oh yeah, and you can't forget "homeopathic". That was a nice idea, but...whatever, hippie. We'll all just stick with modern progress and trust technology and science. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Well, then came all these new things. GMO's, that's just more organic b.s....pfft. If you don't already know what a GMO is, trust me, you don't want to eat one. Carcinogens. Seems like those are everywhere, and it's possible that the technology may bring some on, the same technology that's supposed to improve things. Then there is global warming, climate change, economic bubbles, and many more.....seems like more apocalyptic rhetoric from end of the world nut jobs, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. We have to question or we will be taken for fools, and with the internet we CAN find answers for ourselves, finally. We gotta keep an open mind on everything or we might find ourselves in the new club no one wants to be in: "sheeple."

Sustainability, however, is different. Different because it’s one of those "pure" terms, like freedom. The UN defined sustainability awhile back, but, if you are like me, you question everything big business and government says. So I will define it simply: sustainability is doing things in such a way that they can keep being done forever. There- that isn't some "hippie", big government concept that is out of touch and imposing a view on freewill or other cultures. It's just a damn good idea, a damn good IDEAL. If you get what I'm saying there, I invite you to stick around and read awhile as I explore it.


I invite everyone to question what I say and I hope they a civil and open minded manner. Lessons from history and life have shown me that the more minds you put to forming an idea makes a better concept develop. We tend to love what we, ourselves, create and the more people who believe a thing tends to make it more believable. Also, with more eyes there is a better chance to see a flaw. So, active participation and civil discussion is a sustainable practice- see how easy that was? Makes sense right?

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