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This is our "Corona Virus Special" for online selling, so here is the scoop to sell on our website: We use the Wix website platform and will be creating “collections” for each shop. is the primary landing page. We will reorganize it as more vendors come based on what they are selling and/or where they are located. We currently have a couple of our brand names up on the website, along with our African Projects. is the format each vendor landing page will follow, along with how the products are described. This is a recent change on how we are doing the shopping pages, so please have patience with me as I go through each page and make updates. Guilds of Requiem is now my all the time, as I no longer work for anyone else and updates will be happening daily to it.• Each vendor will need to let us know if they want the customer to pay for shipping at checkout or to be invoiced after the actual shipping cost is known, so we can make that very clear in the product description and at checkout. We suggest and use USPS priority mail when and where you can, as we suspect that will be the last delivery service that will be impacted due to being a government agency.

  • Square, PayPal and Wix are the merchant services for our website for credit card processing and accepting alternative means of currency (USD, UE, etc). We are looking at other payment options, but these are the most stable ones with buyer and seller protection.

  • Orders will come into our email address and then we forward it to the respective vendor, along with any funds once they clear the bank, less processing fees and agreed upon consignment amount.

  • Those who are willing and able to help with maintaining only their products/page will have a 10% consignment fee added to cover website costs. (Leap of faith on our part!)

  • If you are willing to learn, I am willing to teach!!!

  • Sorry, this is the lowest percentage I can go and still provide web hosting and merchant services.

  • Those who want us to maintain everything, the consignment fee is 20% so I can pay a web person to maintian your "shop" and products. If those amount seems excessive based on the sale prices of your product, let’s talk and make adjustments based on your needs and products.

  • We pay Sales Tax to the State of Texas. This will be getting added onto final sales price, at check-out, so that we stay compliant with the State we are a registered business entity in.

  • If a vendor wants a vanity email address ( , they are responsible for the annual fee. Any additional apps that the vendor also wants on their page/shop, is their annual responsibility.

  • Total annual sales of $600, or more, we will issue a 1099 for vendors to file with their annual taxes. (some laws we can't circumvent and I have to show that I was selling for others - 1099 is the only way I can legally do it.)

  • International sales work differently and may require me to establish a business presence in your country for you to legally sell on our website

  • I am WAIVING any set-up fees that normally would have been charged to anyone who is losing income due to being unable to vend because of COVID-19 and other economical factors, and our ren faire friends who are at a loss with fair cancellations that are needing a website. This is $500, or more, savings! (The Shindig added 4 pages to our site, plus 2 apps, multiple contact forms, and social media marketing/monitoring.... I will let you research that amount and then come back to us.) 

Our website also offers community chat groups, blogging opportunities, and potential for community growth all around. The more ways we get the website out there, the more customers will see everyone’s products. We advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We ask that vendors also assist in promoting the website, when and where they logically can, as it is a network of information and community we are aiming to build. I will also look at reinstating the "Friends of Requiem" page which will host a good old fashioned URL link swap and promote businesses who sponsor local events. We list your page, with a direct link to your social media page, with a blurb about your products, we DO ask that you link back to the Guilds of Requiem website from yours as well.