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Volunteer at Ren Faire of Bandera County!

All Volunteers are given a food voucher ($20 per 4 hours volunteer time at select food vendors) and are entered in a drawing for a Master Procraftinators Gift Basket (valued at least $50) for each day they volunteer.

Volunteers also qualify for a 50% discount on a vending space
*** Volunteers who are also vending are responsible for ensuring their area is monitored by someone who is familiar with the products, pricing, and are authorized to take payments ***
Upload First Aid Certification
Upload CPR Certification
Othe Certification
Shifts Available
  • Please select at least three shifts

  • Friday, April 29th and Monday, May 2nd, volunteers will have a meal option provided during the listed times along with a $50 Gift Certificate to the Guilds of Requiem, Inc website or at our vending pavilion

  • Friday and Monday will have physical work involved

  • Those wishing to assist with the First Aid Station or Mother's Den do need to be First Aid/CPR Certified

  • Those who are volunteering for those stations do need to provide copies of their First Aid/CPR Certificate or Card and will need to have their cards on them during the event

  • First Aid Station is only dealing with minor cuts, bumps, and scraps

  • OTC will be available in the First Aid Station and do require a "hold harmless" signature in the log

  • Emergencies - please locate Ms. Robin and/or call 911

Anticipated Volunteer Duties

  • Assisting Vendors with finding their spot

  • Assist with expediting the unloading of vendor’s vehicles

  • Clean up during the day, or at the end of the vending day

  • Hourly Restroom checks for cleanliness and supplies

  • Roaming Ren Faire or Fantasy Characters

  • Assisting vendors with food/potty breaks

** You are watching the merchandise only – NO SALES **

You must be current on your First Aid/CPR Certifications for these two stations:

  • The Mother’s Den (cleaning/sanitizing after each use)

  • First Aid Station

We are asking that volunteers be dressed in appropriate Ren Faire or Fantasy Attire that will not interfere with movement