The Marketplace is an "as close to natural" marketplace nestled in the Hill Country of Texas. Located a brief drive west of San Antonio on Bandera Highway, The Marketplace offers natural and as close to natural products for many parts of everyday life in a beautiful setting that only nature can design.

The Marketplace is run by Guilds of Requiem and hosted by The Shindig Event Venue. Guilds of Requiem focuses on sustainable living, in addition to the preservation of old techniques and knowledge.


Location & Times

Pending weather and some holidays, the Marketplace is typically open First Saturdays from 10 AM - 5 PM. We have different hours for summer to avoid the heat of the day, with additional special events throughout the year.

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3641 State Highway 16 S, Bandera, Texas 78003

See you at The Dig!

Vendor Information

The Marketplace is seeking additional vendors to join their vending community! If you make, bake, grow, create, produce, or procure unique items then we would love to hear from you.

So if you're:

  • Tired of sitting on asphalt

  • Wishing for a community atmosphere

  • Limited spaces on Direct Sales Affiliate

  • Hand-made, custom crafted, or home grown your items will have preference 

  • Compliant with all local/state/national laws*

Come out and visit us!

Vendor Fees vary from event to event based on the additional activities and entertainment being provided.

vendor apprentice 2.png

"What type of commitment am I making? I just really want to sell my crafts, make a little extra money to help make ends meet, and not run an actual business."

Read the information in the Google Doc link to the right and come talk to me. 

*The legalities of running a Business:


We understand that many people are hobbyist with their crafts. However, we also understand that there are Rules and Regulations to everything that we do as soon as we decide to sell a product to someone outside our circle of family and friends. Once you have made that first sale to the General Public via Facebook, Etsy, Craft show, etc. your hobby is now considered a business by the State of Texas. Depending on the product that you sell, it may have other regulatory agencies that govern the manner in which it can be sold, packaged, labeled, advertised, and the conditions in which it can be produced in for sale to the General Public, such as our Marketplace. We have watched many friends lose their remaining livelihood, and life savings, because of this.


To help alleviate this problem, we have created a Vendor Apprenticeship Program to assist you with the process of going from Hobbyist to Small Business Owner! While vending at our location, only,  we have several options to assist you with achieving small business goals or just being able to sell your crafts. The Vendor Apprenticeship Program is just one of the ways we help our Vendors Succeed. 

"I have so many challenges to be able to go somewhere to sell my crafts. There has to be another way?"

There is!  Stop by, bring a few samples of what you are selling with you, and we can talk about it in greater detail. If what you make, bake, grow, create, or procure from a unique source fits in the Guilds of Requiem Branding, we may be able to offer you Consignment Space under the big orange tent. 

mm consingment sales.jpg

"So what is the Guilds of Requiem Brand?"

Guilds of Requiem is based on sustainability and preservation of nature. The products currently found in our tent are made with as close to natural ingredients as possible, items found in nature - without disrupting the natural balance, made from re-purposed, recycled, or up-cycled materials, are hand-crafted in exquisite detail, and/or were purchased directly from International Crafters who have this as their only form of livelihood as a part of our Requiem Kenya, Requiem Ghana Direct Sister Organizations, or from World Of Love Imports. 

"What type of commitment am I making? I just really want to sell my crafts, make a little extra money to help make ends meet, and not run an actual business."

Read the information in the Google Doc link to the right and come talk to me. 

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