Technician Services

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What is the Technician's Guild of Requiem?

Whenever we have a task that requires building or maintenance on our property, we turn to our Technician's Guild and those in it for either guidance on how to do the task ourselves, assistance in completing the task, or when it is more complex in nature turning it over to them to complete. Some came to us already having careers/businesses in their trade, while others are now enjoying the benefits of being able to pursue a life long goal of having their own business knowing there is a Resources Guild to assist them in actually running of the business so they can focus on taking care of customers. 

Who is the Technician's Guild?

The Technician's Guild is compromised of Matt Frazier, who  will be running Guilds Services when it goes into full motion. Matt has been a Master Electrician and working in Residential and Commercial Construction Industry for over ten years. 

What services do they provide?

Guilds Services (Services to be offered):*

  • General Handyman Services

  • Reconstruction/Minor Repairs

  • Small Builds

  • Electrical Repair/Remodels

* Insurance and Licensing Pending

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How much do these services cost?

Each technician sets their own price. Consultation fees for most services begin at $50/hour, minimum two hours, to be paid when scheduled. Consultations that go beyond the two hours are subject to $50/hour, for each hour, and are due at the end of the consult when the estimation for services is presented.  


 *Consultation fees are refunded when a contract for work has been signed and 50% deposit has been paid. 

I have a construction business or do side work, can I network in with you?

Send Robin Kearney-Frazier an email at and she will be more than happy to speak with you on how she can help with running your business, or adding you onto her list of service providers, so you can focus on providing services versus spending your time looking for work!  This is the power of Guild Services Networking, the sharing of work between the trades, co-oping of builds, and coordinating of services available in our area.