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Space Station Requiem Civilian Corps and Pet Fleet

Space Station Requiem Civilian Corps:

This program was created in recognition that many already have a membership in a different fan club but they would still like to have their persona represented by character inclusion in the publication of "Anna Logs". This fan produced novelization of one thousand years of events in FCapt Anna Leigh K'tee Tor's life.  It takes place in its own universe and borrows ideas heavily from other fandoms under the "Fair Use" laws. Each Annual membership goes to support operational expenses of Space Station Requiem and Service Dog Handlers Guild of Requiem. It also assures that your persona will appear in at least one installment of "Anna Logs" that year. 

Space Station Requiem's Pet Fleet:

The Space Station Requiem's Pet Fleet program is a novel way to immortalize your favorite pet, as we recognize that not all heroes wear capes. Many have four legs and fur, or feathers, or scales... Each annual membership benefits Service Dog Handlers Guild of Requiem and the work they do with working dogs in the Greater San Antonio Area and assures that your pet's persona will be included in at least one installment of "Anna Logs". 

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