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Who is Sir Barks-A-Lot?

Guilds of Requiem Sir Barks A Lot Mascot Wicket

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My name is Wicket the Wonder Pup and I am the mascot for Sir Barks-A-Lot Pet Care Products. My fur-less friends at Guilds of Requiem started this line of care products because they believe pets are family and deserved to be taken care with quality products that are as close to natural too.

Sir Barks-A-Lot products have been formulated specifically with pets needs in mind. Animals are unique. Our sense of smell is more acute, and as strange as it may seem, our skin is more sensitive to harsh chemicals found in many of the products out on the market today. So, if you must wear special protective gloves to clean me, how safe is it really to use?

My products are special because we took them to several vets to try out for their opinions before we started to sell them. As much as Guilds of Requiem and Sixth Sense Apothecary would like to say they weren’t tested on animals… well, let’s just say, I’ve had a bath or twenty over the past year or so while mom was working on perfecting her neem oil based Hunde Shampoos! Mom isn’t too keen on the smell of neem oil, but it doesn’t seem to bother me.

Over the next few years, we hope to keep expanding our line of pet care products to include all of your pets whether they have fur or feathers and if you keep them in the house or out in the barn! 

Sixth Sense Apothecary is the primary curator of Sir Barks-A-Lot Pet Care Products and can be reached through at any time, whether it’s a question, comment, or order. Please allow a little time for a response, since my fur-less mom personally reply to all my correspondences.

What's in store now?

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