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This is our first year of where the event is more than just a renaissance inspired market and we are excited!

Currently in the line-up:

  • Unique Crafters

  • Belly Dancers

  • Folklore Story Telling

  • Saturday Evening Meal & Show

  • A Wicked Wizard

  • Vendors aplenty

  • Custom Jewelry

  • Old Fashion and Handcrafted Soaps

  • Custom Candles

  • Faerie Folk from afar

  • Organically dyed yarns

  • Turkey Legs

  • Did we mention there would be dragons (art)?

  • Pirates, Vagabonds, Damsels (not in distress), Fair Maidens, and gallant knights

  • A Sea Witch up to no good

  • Fortune Tellers

  • Amazing food

  • Now where did Merlin disappear to this time????

  • A Dashing Sea Captain and his crew to save the day

  • Photos with the ever adorable Sir Bearmallion (proceeds to benefit Warriors Heart of Bandera County)

  • Activities for all ages!

  • I hear rumors of possibly even an old-fashioned mead brewer.... 

  • Our list keeps growing daily!!!!

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Ren Faire of Bandera County

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