Castile Soap is a traditional family recipe soap we make in batches. It's unscented so it can be made into whatever scents you desire. It also comes in large quantities, so it's perfect for stocking up.



  • Entirely homemade liquid soap
  • Different quantities available
  • Can be diluted



Castile Soap is one of the Traditional Soaps we produce at Guilds of Requiem in the Apothecary. The recipe used is one that has been handed down for generations in my family that calls "for Olive Oil (at least 50% to be fresh), ash blend with rainwater strained through it till a raw egg will float at quarter-mast. Strain and clarify the saved oil and blend with the new, add the strained lye waters, and cook over low coals for six to nine hours."  There are fond, and not so fond memories of making soap with Nana: The hours of stirring a pot that for many years was too big for me to lift, some of the castile paste would be reserved for liquid soaps and shampoos.


We, of course, have modified that to meet Good Manufacturing Processes and to assure that we have a consistent product each time. The quantities still remain very close and the labor intense process is definitely present.  Liquid Castile Soap making is reserved for twice a year. We send it to you still in a highly concentrated form so that you can continue to dilute it for your purposes.



Olive Oil, Water, and Potassium Hydroxide. 

Liquid Castile Homemade Soap

  • Due to the nature of health care products, we do not do refunds or exchanges (with limited exceptions). If your package is damaged due to the negligence of the courier service we would be happy to send a replacement. Simply send us a photograph of the damaged parcel so we can submit a claim through insurance on your behalf. As long as we have the item in stock we will ship out your replacement. If we are out of stock on that particular item, we will notify you and you may select a different product of equal or lesser value.

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