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Requiem Kenya, touching and improving lives of the poor and impoverished people through empowerment.

#RequiemKenya is a sister organisation of #RequiemTexas and it was started on the basis of bringing back the lost and diminishing cultural methods of doing things which were #efficient, #effective and #eco_friendly especially in #farming which is the backbone of Africa’s economy e.g. The seeds used to grow staple food in #EastAfrica i.e. maize and beans would be re-used season in and season out, that's no longer possible today. The #grassrootfarmers we talk to and reach out clearly confirm that. This coupled with many other reasons we shall look at the course of this journey has made farming more expensive and difficult than it used to be for the ordinary farmer whose whole life depends on it for survival. Requiem Kenya therefore is looking at how to bring back or recover this reusable seeds and methods that were used by ordinary farmers to raise income that would educate there children and #sustainlives both in urban and rural centres.

We realise that achieving the goal of recovering the lost systems and methods of farming which were effective will need a reasonable amount of money and man power to reach the specific areas, carry out research just to mention but a few and this is where our big brother REQUIEM TEXAS comes in handy to help us grow and achieve our dreams of seeing our people benefit from farming and crafts almost effortlessly, Since REQUIEM TEXAS has more experience and is the mother, they can help our local people of East Africa who are so skilled in craft work as a part of REQUIEM KENYA to make and sell this crafts such as jewellery, wrappers and blankets. The latter are made strictly out of beads, paper and wood, and the former is made out of acrylic cotton from the maasai clan of Tanzania. More information on this products will be posted soon.

In addition to buying this products, we invite everyone that desires to be part of the #REQUIEMmovement of giving power to the ordinary people, to support this awesome vision by giving through our donate option given on the webpage, you can also contact us for more details on how you can be part of this noble cause.


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