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Captain's Log Stardate 82528.69: July 12th, 2405. Time: 2350 hours.

The Ja’Desh have been sent back into the rift, for now. Mog Th’Dabie and Senior Chief Petty Officer Christopher Van Cleave worked together with others to create an explosion on the main Ja’Desh ship’s temporal drive. The resulting explosion returned all of the “ghosted” inhabitants of Space Station Requiem back to their times and dimension. Only those who were fully here before the attack remain.

Two Thousand and Twenty days is how long we were stuck in the Temporal Timelock. Starfleet Command Quadrant One had a small fleet of vessels nearby, investigating our latest disappearance of nearly six years. We have some catching up to do.


Rear Admiral Paul Rickard looked at the report dubiously and then at the changes in Fleet Captain Anna Tor. Her skin had taken on a bluish silver hue since he had last seen her and her hair was not pure white, without the trace of a single wrinkle on her face to betray her age of nearing three centuries. Many of her crew had similar hues to their skin and many appeared to have lost years in their appearance.

“Anna, you really expect me to believe this is what happened? We have to account for nearly 74,000 dead on Space Station Requiem. Inside this place looks like it has been to hell and back, without a scratch on the outer hull.” RAdm Rickard was truly curious.

Anna quietly sipped her raktajino, while gathering her thoughts. No one would ever believe what had happened. She could scarcely believe it herself. People shape shifting into dragons were just a fantasy after all. She was certainly not putting that into her reports. They would send everyone here to an insane asylum, or worse, send the insane here!

“Yes, Admiral, that is what happened. After the species now identified as the Ja’Desh came through the rift, many of the people on board did die a horrible death. Those who rate high on the psychic scales, were the only ones able to fend off the attacks. We had interdimensional bleed through and assistance from an unknown species. Mog and Christopher coordinated with several ships to target the dimensional drives as identified by the GDS Dreamcatcher. While many of the USS Masamune’s crew did have markers indicating they were not from our dimension, the Masamune itself does belong to us. It is the same one that disappeared nearly 26 years ago. Those who are from other dimensions will be transported by the Grand Duchy of Pikeland’s vessels back to their own … place.” Anna blew gently on the hot drink, before sipping once again, setting the mug down, then gazing out the window.

The Admiral stood and looked out the Ready Room window. Twin pillars of red light were now a constant sight, a forever reminder of those now lost. Only flashes of increased intensity betrayed ships passing through. He glanced over at Anna and thought to himself everything he had been through with her, then shook his head. “So once again, you are going to pull this mystic history bull crap for the betterment of the Confederation of Planets not knowing the truth, in your report?” He tossed the PADD down onto the table. “Anna, please, for once, be fully honest with me. What happened here? Off the record.”

She folded her hands daintily in front of her as Montolongue and Marine Captain Hammock entered. Admiral Rickard looked at them, then at Anna, noting that they both appeared to have bowed slightly upon entry. He watched as she gracefully stood, never realizing how tall and regal she had appeared before. “Admiral, I am not sure even I believe what happened. Now if you excuse me, we have dead to attend to and honor those who fought with bravery.” She strode to the door, without even waiting for permission to be dismissed, MCapt Hammock followed behind her, Montolongue lingered behind.

“Admiral?” the reptilian humanoid asked before continuing without waiting, “There are some things that are worth having an answer to. There are a great many more that should be left to the unknown. Just know that there are those out there who are guardians to the unknown and deserve Requiem too. Peace among the stars be with you.” He bowed slightly and exited the room, leaving the Admiral to contemplate everything.

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