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Welcome to Nyx-It Graphics. I started in 2017 when I was asked to editing graphics for Guilds of Requiem when they began to grow. Nyx-It Gragphic Design recognizes that new businesses need to be able to stand with a personal and unique image and their start-up funds are already at a premium low. To help balance this out, Nyx-It Graphics offers Professional Quality logos, graphics, and redesigns of existing images at an affordable rate. 

My journey into graphic arts began in 2014, where I discovered my craft through the online art community. I saw the amazing work that people were doing on Deviant Art and how they were earning an actual living at it. This inspired me to go to school to learn more about it, along with practicing my existing skills while developing the new skills I was learning.  The gallery above is just a small peak at the work I have done over the years.  My Deviant Art page can be followed here

I can be reached through CustomerSerivce@GuildsOfRequiem.com at any time, whether it’s a question, comment, or order. Please allow a little time for a response, since I personally reply to all my correspondence once they are forwarded to me.

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