Merchant's Services

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What is the Merchant's Guild?

The Merchant's Guilds of Requiem is all of our resources, brands, and talents that make up our marketing team.  Running around behind the scenes, managing our Social Media platforms, gathering content for posts and website, sending out E-Newsletters, product and website updates, new talent hunting, and watching our analytics is our power house of Robin Kearney-Frazier. When not in production mode for Sixth Sense Apothecary and Sir Barks-A-Lot Pet Care Products, or teaching, she designs our banners, business cards, product labels, and event marketing products. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Marketing that compliments her talents. We also have Kaitlyn Nyx, who is a Graphic Design Artist of amazing talent. Together they have a combined total of 30 years experience in Graphics Design and Marketing. Their talents cover a wide variety of needs for a multitude of businesses, marketing platforms, and target markets. Both of these Business Women take the time to speak with their clients, determine actual need, a wish list, and work with-in an established budget to meet marketing campaign goals. 

If you are looking for somewhere to showcase your Graphic Design work, find new clients, and have an opportunity to direct people to a website without the hassle of creating/maintaining your own site, send Ms. Robin an email at she will be glad to speak with you about working in the Merchant's Guild of Requiem.

What service are offered?

Current services offered are:

  • Business Card Design*

  • Pamphlet/Flyer Design*

  • Banner Design*

  • Logo Design/Redesign

  • Icon Graphic Design

  • Graphic Redesign/Recoloring

  • Photo to Digital Art

* VistaPrint is our preferred vendor as we can ship Internationally and have instant proofs

** Cost of actual product is dependent upon their prices, any current promotions they have, and their shipping fees/rush fees

How much do you charge for each service?

Each Merchant Guild member charges their own fee. Prices range from $10 for Icon Graphic Design and Graphic Recoloring to $250 for a full Marketing Package (Business Logo, Business Cards (up to 3 designs front/back), Business Flyer for two events, and one Banner Design). 


Contact with the specifics of your project and we will match you up with the right talent and price range.  

I am a Graphic Designer, looking to network...

Please contact Robin Kearney-Frazier at Be ready to demonstrate, have a portfolio available, or what new services you can offer our potential customers. There are times that we do have more work than our 2 designers can handle.

Type of projects that we get are getting: Logo Designs/Redesign, Branding/Rebranding, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Event Marketing, Website Work, Packaging and Labels. Designers are allowed to set their owns rates, but we do ask prices be kept reasonable as 95% of our customers are new businesses that have small budgets.