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Meet Our Guild Masters

Robin - Admin     

Master Scholar, Resources, and Marketing

may grad 2018.jpg


* Doctorate of Adult Education

* Bachelor of Business Management

* Associates in Architecture 


* Higher Education Administration

* Business Administration

* Law Enforcement and Administration

* Event Management/Decoration 

Crafting Certifications/Experience:

* Certificate of Natural Skin Care Products

* Advocate of Safe Canning/Food Preservation Practices

* Homestead Gardener

* Home Crafter of Candles, Jewelry, small stone work, and clay work

* Stubborn enough do-it-myself 

* Advocate for Invisible Disabilities and Service Animals

Requiem Location: Pipe Creek, Texas

Mikey - Admin

Master Guardian


* Law Enforcement

* Life of Hard Knocks and Tough Love

* Strong Sense of Justice

* Never Afraid to tell You How it is

* Willing to Listen to What Everyone has to      Say

Requiem Location: Gulf Coast, Texas

Requiem Admin Mikey

Matt - Admin 

Master Technician

Certifications and Experience:

* Master Electrician

* Home Construction/Remodel

* Crew Leader 


Other Information:

* Avid belief in "Nature has the best designs"

* Challenging the standard corporate paradigm

* "Variety brings power. Compassion promotes Variety."

Requiem Location: Pipe Creek, Texas

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