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What happened to the

Marketplace of Pipe Creek?

Currently, our physical Marketplace of Pipe Creek is closed. Our vendors and products can be found at the Market Days of Pomarosa RV Park/Requiem's Events of Texas, during specified event dates, and at "Sip 'n' Shop" at Bandera Brewery the second Saturday of every month. Any other events that we will be vending at are announced on the social media pages for Merchants Guild of Requiem and the Guilds of Requiem, Inc main accounts. We are aiming for the launch of Marketplace of Requiem at the 2024-2025 vending season. 

Location & Times

Location & Times

We are excited to be partnered with Market Days at Pomarosa For our events in September, November, March, and May.  Vendors are able to arrive as late as the 9 AM to be set-up by 10 AM, unless the event starts earlier or later to accommodate higher customer turn-out. No new vendors will be allowed in after the start of the event for the safety of other vendors and guests already present. The option to leave at 4 PM is available if one of the two conditions are met:

  • there are no customers present

  • or they have obviously sold out of most of the goods they brought with that day.


We are looking forward to having themed events with planned activities by Requiem's Events of Texas are highlighted with a hotlink to that event. We do ask vendors to be dressed appropriately for Ren Faire of Bandera County and Pirate Puppy Party. Both events can be anything mid-19th century and older. As we grow in membership and volunteers, we will revisit having additional events. 

Market Day                           Theme

September                           Fall Homesteaders & Preppers Bazaar

November                             Pirate Puppy Party*

March                                    Spring Homesteaders & Preppers Bazaar

May                                        Ren Faire of Bandera County*

* Ren Faire of Bandera County  and Pirate Puppy Party* have additional vending requirements listed on their respective pages.

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Vendors Guild of Requiem Information

The Marketplace and Vendor's Guild of Requiem are seeking additional vendors to join their online vending community! If you make, bake, grow, create, produce, or procure unique items then we would love to hear from you and network in with your products while advertising your vending location. We offer Social Media Marketing assistance, web space for those who have qualifying products, Risk Management assessment of your products, and more!

If you're:​

  • Wishing for a community atmosphere

  • Hand-made, custom crafted, or home grown your items will have preference 

  • and assistance with being Compliant with all local/state/national laws*

Come out and visit us!

Vendor Fees vary from event to event based on the additional activities and entertainment being provided. Often, Guilds of Requiem, Inc will cover the vending fees for a single space, per vendor, at their events!

Vendors Guid of Requiem
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