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What is an Herbal Gemini?


An Herbal Gemini is someone who works with their hands and their mind in two different capacities, simultaneously, while creating with herbal and organic ingredients. While this may sound like a mad scientist nightmare waiting to happen, the scientist part is very close to the truth! The products created by Herbal Gemini all start with organic ingredients from the waxes for the candles to the dyes for the clothes and the herbs for the incense. 

How did Herbal Gemini begin?


While attending Texas Health & Science University for Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, I found an increasing awareness of the bounty of herbs, barks, and roots that were available to the practitioner had multiple uses that extended beyond Holistic Health. I have always been one to satisfy curiosity once peaked. Candles and incense were my passions while younger as simple gifts for family and friends. With this new knowledge, and having met the powerhouse of knowledge collectively contained at Guilds of Requiem, I began my first experiments with working towards a purely organic based candle to include colorants and scents.

How did Herbal Gemini get into textile dying?


In the quest for knowledge on using organics and clays to dye candles, I stumbled across a vast number of uses for herbs, roots, barks, and leaves including techniques for dying of wool, cotton, and other fabrics. One of my first attempts at dying of material was a bit anxiety inducing, as it was a former wedding gown of a friend that was wanting to give it a new life. We had an abundant quantity of Madder Root available to us, which provided a color that fit in with the rest of her vision.  I haven't looked back since except to see where I can improve each process, make colors more UV stable (a biggie in South Texas), and add more variety of colors along with how they behave with each material type to my repertoire. 

Where to now?


I just recently graduated with my Master's Degree, so for now I need to study for my Board Exams. I do keep creating products because it helps calm me, allows me to unwind, and forces my my brain to think in a different way. A full line of my products, along with dying samples, can be seen every weekend at The Marketplace. As I have perfected different aspects, products will be added onto the website for purchase here as well. 


What is available online?