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What is the Gamers' Guild of Requiem?

The Gamers Guild is the group of people responsible for all of the fun activities ....  needs updating


What types of adventures are in store for the Hill Country & Bandera County?

Once many of the crew discovered that Ms Robin used to run a science fiction fan club down in the Coastal Bend and ran the gaming room for several years when Realms Con was just starting out, well let's just say they threw a few more hats into her box to wear.


Ms. Robin was able to reactivate her old Star Trek Fan Club, Space Station Requiem, through Starfleet Command. What is really cool about Space Station Requiem is that the premise for its presence is that there is this inter-dimensional rift that has caused many realities to collide at one time and place.  This allows for a demo-graphical area that really can't support more than one science fiction fan club to come together  to create a community of people who understand the nerd/geek community and culture, to celebrate their commonalities and differences, and to just have FUN with like-minded individuals. 

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We recently added STEAMPunk Unit for youth activities that focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Crafts, Math, and MORE!!

How else can we help?

Get involved!  We will be setting up protocols for youth participation in Gamers Guild Activities, based on age ranges. Parent participation/volunteering is always encourages, because, sorry, Ms. Robin has been there done that where her youth program ended up being a glorified baby sitting service, and we are running a Marketplace that is getting more and more busy. We are looking out for the safety of everyone involved. 

DONATE! Guilds of Requiem is leaning more and more towards incorporating as a nonprofit as they realize that they do more for the community, work with vendors with disabilities/fixed incomes, teach skills to the community frequently for free, along with many other charitable acts that go unseen by the public. We need building materials: Pallets, we are looking at some of those BIG spools to use for outdoor game tables, doors, windows (they can be old and reclaimed - just need to be whole and in working condition), folding tables, chairs, board games, storage cabinets, etc. Our biggest need is to have a building where everywhere can meet out of the elements!