FAQ of working for GoR

Guilds of Requiem

Question 1: What is the pay like?

Answer: Pretty much the same as you will find everywhere else. We are a start up organization and with that we face the same challenges as every other start up. Our difference is that we are an organization with heart. We truly care about everyone. We all know that life excels at giving out sour lemons faster than we can make lemonade, so we try to accommodate our partners as much as we can while still meeting the needs of our customers and production.

Question 2: What type of work do you currently have?

Answer: Let me ask you three things in return: What are your current skills? What skills are you willing to learn? and how much effort are you willing to put in? IF you answer that you currently have no skills, but you are willing to learn and give it your all, then I am willing to teach you and educate you on what you need to know to be successful in our organization.

Question 3: I never finished High School and I might have had a few run in's with the law, can I still work for you?

Answer: Submit an application and let's talk. There are only a few things in life that we find it hard to get past in our organization: crimes against a child, violent crimes against another person, and the rest we can talk about but that should give you an idea.

Wicket the Wonder Pup

Question 4: I have a "life altering disability", what are my chances of finding employment with you?

Answer: Meet Wicket.. you tell me - how do you define your limitations? What are your abilities? How can we help you? Fill out an application and let's talk to see if there is enough common ground that will benefit everyone 

Question 5: I have transportation issues, will that affect my ability to work for you?

Answer: Depends on which position you are applying for and why you don't have transportation.