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We are not able to offer a paid opportunities to perform, this year... COVID hit us hard as well
However, we can negotiate a space in which you can also sell appropriate merchandise
along with promoting your future events for the rest of 2022 through our
Crafters & Artists Guild and Merchants Guild social media accounts.

Guilds of Requiem, Inc is providing electricity to the Artist Alley Area.
You will need to bring power cords and your own equipment as we only have a Karaoke Machine with limited capabilities
Due to the new location, we have been asked to keep the volume at respectable levels as to
not disturb the residents  living there

Those who want a vending space at 50% in exchange for an additional performance, please indicate below.
Otherwise, Artist' Alley is a shared space.

We are asking for at least 1 hour per day in attendance, group and/or solo,
in exchange for marketing your event services business through the end of 2022

Due to insurance restrictions, we will not be accepting any applications for jousters or other equestrian entertainment.

Now booking Entertainers for
Ren Faire of Bandera County
What type of Entertainment do you provide?
When would you be able to peform?