What is Edibles Only Gardening?

Edibles Only Gardening is a gardening consultation business based in Atascosa County, Texas. We specialize in foodscapes, food forests, and edible gardens based on the conditions where you live and work with what nature has already provided you on your land. We strive to incorporate foods that you and your family will enjoy eating and provide nutritional value that exceeds store bought because it is fresh picked. We choose to work with home owners in instructing them during each phase of the gardening process so that they are empowered to face daily gardening challenges. 

What is the difference between Edibles Only Garden and a regular garden?

An Edibles Only Garden uses all the right tools that nature has already provided us with and ditches the harsh chemicals that manufacturers insist that we need. In my studies, I have found that you can garden with the use of naturally occurring pesticides and using Mother Nature to your advantage versus trying to work against her. The methods that I instruct you work in almost any environment, including container gardens that many apartment dwellers need to resort to for growing their own food.  I have been an avid gardener since I was young and discovered Permaculture and other Organic growing methods in 2014. In 2016, at the urging of family and friends and as a means towards self-sufficiency, I started Edibles Only Gardening to share my knowledge with others.

What are my qualifications?


I have a passion for knowledge and understand that gardens, by nature, have to be organic in how they grow. With over 10,000 species of edible plants in the world, I can guarantee that finding ones for your soil type and families needs can happen. See not only do I help others with their gardens, I have my own small ranchette in which I raise food for myself and my wife, our chickens, and recent addition of sheep and pigs. My collection of custom crafted, hand harvested and sorted, and carefully processed teas are seasonal and frequently sell out shortly after becoming available. Being able to network in with other growers has expanded my ability to have a greater variety and quantity of herbs available to produce more teas this season.   My passion for gardening also extends to my love of the Culinary Arts and cooking with food harvested daily. 

Join me and the information I share almost daily on the Edibles Only Gardening Facebook Page and like it! I can also be reached via messenger on my Facebook page. I attempt to respond as quickly as possible to all messages, but sometimes nature has a way of taking priority. 

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What is Available to Sell Online?

Many of the items that I grow, create, and sell fall under strict manufacturing regulations that prevent the sale of them online. Currently, a large portion of my products are only able to be sold at Farmer's Markets and Craft shows under Cottage Food Laws. We are working towards separate processing facilities so that the "game" can be changed and more products made available online. Occasionally I will have seasonal crafted items, which can be sold online, and shipped out of the State of Texas. When those are available, they will be listed here. Consider signing up for our E-Newsletter and we will gladly notify you when I have items in stock!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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