Cooperative Vending Opportunity

dual markets 2.png

What is Cooperative Vending?

This is a unique opportunity between two different organizations that run multiple venues to create value for the vendors. Because we have a lower overhead at The Marketplace of Pipe Creek, we are able to network with other venues to enhance the value of vending at both locations.  They have the benefit of being able to meet their overhead, we have the benefit of a fuller marketplace, with dedicated vendors, which attracts customers. We have discovered that no amount of signage out front, or advertising, beats a line of vehicles parked out front!  

How does this work?

Simply book, pay, and vend someone else's location that we are partnered with (one per region of the Greater San Antonio Area). Let them know you are interested in coming out to Pipe Creek to vend as well, along with when. They will let us know that you have paid for their venue and when we can expect you at our venue. 

Doesn't this create a conflict of interest in venues?

No, we are careful in selecting who we partner with. The organizations that we partners with are vetted venue operators, their venues are similar to ours, in a different area than ours, and leave day/dates available for the vendor to come out to ours. 

I run a venue and would like to join this network, how can I get more information?

Fill out the "Contact us" below. Include the location(s), days/dates, and times of your venue(s), along with the amount of experience you have with running a venue(s). One our member will contact you, someone will make a visit to your venue, and will speak with all the vendors there about their experiences vending with you and at that location specifically.