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Who is Requiem (Ghana) Direct?

Requiem (Ghana) Direct, is managed/owned by Collins Banques of Tema, Ghana. His family originates from the Volta Region of Ghana and are honored Tribal Leaders along with producers of Cocoa. Collins is able to travel the Ghana Region speaking to producers about their farming practices, work out fair trade prices, and then ships the raw product to the U.S. This process may be a higher cost on our end, but it ensures that the producers are receiving fair pay for their products and efforts to maintain sustainable practices for future generations. 

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What makes Requiem (Ghana) Direct so unique?

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We take the time to get to know the people who are producing the products, growing the produce and then refining it into raw ingredients for usage in many applications - most notably in many of our own personal and pet care products.  What started out as a simply inquiry from a "off-grid and sustainable living group on Facebook, in early 2018, has turned into a mission of fairness, sustainability, and global cooperation. This has been a joyful and enlightening journey for Collins, as he travels through all of Ghana on this quest.

May of 2019, steps were taken to ensure that the Ghana Government recognizes the steps we are taking, "Requiem Direct" was formed and registered as an export business in Ghana. As we do business in many parts of Africa and the world, we keep the "Ghana" designation on social media and on the website to avoid confusion with our followers. 

What's in store now?